Meroshare is not working

We all know that Meroshare is not working properly these days because of some technical issues. Sometimes it may occur due to maintenance of a server or a team of Meroshare trying to fix a problem or bug that was in their site. Because of the increment of people interested in the share market
Meroahare is getting 500k+ traffic daily which is too high traffic to be controlled by any ordinary web server. Also, the Mero share is suggesting people use incognito mode while using the Meroshare site.

We also play a role in making Meroshare stable as possible so others can also use Meroshare properly.
Some major errors that occur in Meroshare and methods to prevent them are:

1. Meroshare stuck on the Home page or login page

This type of problem usually happens when there is high traffic on site and there is no space for new users or the server is unable to send data off-site. To escape this problem you can use the Android version application of mero share, Wait for some time and give time to load properly or use Meroshare while most people may not online. ( for eg: 11:00 Am at night or 12:00PM office time or school/college time)

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2. 500 –Internal Server Error. or 504 error

This type of error usually happens when the server encounters an unexpected condition that prevents it from fulfilling the client’s request and takes too long to respond. There may be an internal error in the server or a high amount of entries, processing power of the server is used.  You cannot prevent this error because this error usually happens if there is any error in the server so if you get this type of error it’s better to try again after some hour.


3. User and password are correct but not able to log in

This type of error usually happens when there is an error while connecting to the database or an error in the page script. There is no any way to prevent it. If you get this type of error try after some hours if you still get this error try after 6 hr else immediately reset your password or contact the Meroshare support team for further process.


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4. Maintenance error

This type of error usually happens when the server is in maintenance or the website is in maintenance. If you face this type of error you can try again later after some hour. This may be the main reason of Meroshare does not work most of the time.

Some extra points

Open meroshare in incognito mode. Use Meroshare mobile application which will decrease bandwidth between the user and the app and provide a good experience. Use the site if you are using a PC or Laptop. If possible don’t open the site without any reason. Also, don’t panic if your meroshare is not working be patient and ask your friends his meroshare is working or not is only yours is not working then follow these steps:

  • Restart your phone and router
  • Check internet speed is good or not
  • trying multiple times in a gap of some hours
  • check if your meroshare or Demat account is up to date or not if not follow this link: CLICK HERE
  • if it still doesn’t work contact your  Depository Participants or Bank and inform them about your issue.

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