Create virtual credit card in IME Pay

The good news, now everyone can create their own virtual credit card using IME pay. Now you can use that card for online transactions and for online shopping.

Till now very fewer banks were providing virtual credit cards and some are in the planning to provide VCC. But IME Pay to be the first eWallet to provide Virtual credit cards for their users.

About IME Pay

IME Pay offers a wide range of payment services and convenient ways to transfer money from wallet to wallet, pay utility bills and make purchases online or offline instantly with just a few easy clicks. In another language, IT is similar to eSewa and Khalti.

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About Virtual credit card

A virtual credit card (VCC) is a digital credit card that is associated with your bank or wallet. This card is in digital format and can be used in online payment and online transactions.

Virtual credit card is in digital format so I can’t be used in machine-like ATM. Most of the common virtual credit card (VCC) providers are Visa, MasterCard, etc.

IME pay virtual credit card

Requiremets of Virtual credit card in IME Pay

  1. You must be a Nepali Citizen
  2. Account in IME Pay
  3. Verified KYC
  4. Balance in your wallet so you can use it.

Features of virtual credit card in IME Pay

  1. A credit card will be a visa card
  2. 25,000Rs transactions per time
  3. 50,000Rs transactions per day and month
  4. You can also lock cards through IME Pay App.
  5. Free VCC

Some common Questions about virtual credit card of IME Pay:

Is it virtual or physical?

It is virtual credit card and you can use it online services only but you can’t use in ATM.

Does it provide International Transactions?

No, You can’t do international payments through this Credit Card. why read here

Is it leagal?

Yes, It is totally leagal.

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How to create Virtual credit card in IME Pay

First of all, make sure that all the requirements are fulfilled which are mentioned above to create a Virtual credit card. After Fulfilling all the requirements open IME Pay Application.

  1. First open IME Pay application from your mobile
ime pay

2. Click on Apply for Virtual Card to create virtual card using IME Pay.

IME pay virtual credit card

3. Click on Generate Virtual Card

IME pay virtual credit card

4. Enter your 4 digit PIN number and of you forgrt your PIN then click on forgrt wallet pin to reset PIN

IME pay virtual credit card

5. Congratulations, Your Virtual Credit card have been created successfully on IME Pay. Now you can you in Online service like Daraz, Mall, Etc.

IME pay virtual credit card


In the end, I want to tell you that don’t share your information about Virtual credit cards with anyone else. If your information is leaked or money is used without your permission then immediately Lock your credit card for safety and contact IME pay Customer care for further help.

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