Top 3 best programming languages for beginners

Many countries have people who want to learn new things but don’t have an idea what to learn or do at first. want to know which are the top 3 best programming languages for beginners? read full blog

Also, modern people of Nepal who are interested in Programming, Developing, coding, etc may be confused about what to learn at first. To remove that confusion read all blogs carefully to sure that what to learn at first.

There are 700 programming languages till now and some most popular programming languages are C++, Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, etc.

best programming languages for beginners
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To learn that programming language first you should have knowledge of basic concepts of programming. For example, jumping statement, if-then statement, looping statements, print, etc.

You have to learn a simple and easy programming language that provides you a basic concept about programming language. To know which best programming languages for beginners, read the full blog.

What is high level programming Language

High-level programming language is computer languages that are modified like that anyone who knows speaking language can learn to write that programming without remembering those assembly level language or binary number.

High-level programming is also easy to learn you have to remember only syntax which makes this language faster, easier and less time taking. Some of the common examples of high-level programming languages are c++, c, c#, python, rust, PHP, Java, JavaScript, etc.

Some of the best programming languages for beginners list is given below. You can folloe them and choose your own.

Best programming languages for beginners list.

1. QBASIC programming language

Qbasic is a high-level programming language that is easy and simple. If you are from Nepal and read in class 8. then you can choose a computer science subject where you will get the basic concept of programming.

If you read in class 9 if there is any availability of changing optional subject you can choose computer science where you will do simple programming. And in class 10 you will learn 2 programming languages which are modular programming of QBASIC and the basic concept of c programming.

If you are from another country you can also learn QBASIC From youtube or other sources. If you missed the chance of reading QBASIC in class 9 and 10. You can buy a computer book or watch youtube videos to know about it.

You think that why I am suggesting QBASIC if yes then I also learn QBasic at first in class 9 and 10 and after learning QBasic I have learned JavaScript, PHP, Python c++, and c basic concept.

It also comes under top 3 best programming language for beginner.

Because of my experience, I told to learn QBasic. Also full form QBASIC is Quick Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. Which clarifies it is made for the best programming languages for beginners

2. C programming

C is a very popular and powerful high-level programming language. This is mostly used for professional computer programming to develop different software.

Now, most schools and colleges have to include c language in their curriculum. So I suggest learning c programming at first. To learn c programming there are 100 videos on YouTube or any other platforms from where you can learn C programming.

Also to learn from YouTube you don’t neither need money nor have to join any paid classes. You have to just see videos and start learning to program when you want. Any time anywhere you can learn programming from YouTube.

And many people suggest this programming language because it is also best programming languages for beginners.

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3. Python

Python is a high-level programming language that is beginner-friendly it uses an interpreter to compile a program whereas c or c++ uses a compiler. it also comes top 3 best programming language

it supports modules and packages, which encourages program modularity and code reuse. The syntax of python is very easy and understandable by anyone.

In today’s generation, people are learning python because it has good scope in the future. If you want to learn python you can also find tons of videos on youtube.

I am not telling that learn machine learning, data science, etc of python because it is for advanced programmer. I am telling that just learn Python programming at a medium level because it is beneficial to you in the future.

So, we can consider it best programming languages for beginners


You think why I mentioned those old programming languages. You are right I have mentioned old programming languages. Because they are easy to learn to write in comparison to others. But you can learn python instead of those.

And I don’t say that C is easy. But best for beginners and you don’t need to learn the whole C programming language. For the basic concepts learn programming in some specific topics like simple print and input statements.

Which make concept in your mind how to print or input variable. And after a simple concept, you can learn complex programming. For QBASIC you just have to learn some simple programming language.

In my experience I also learn QBASIC at first then I learn a little C and C++ in class 10 in Nepal and after that HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

Hope you like this blog and get idea about which is best programming languages for beginners till 2021.

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