how to get free Robux? Possible?

Firstly, Robux (R$) is the in-game currency of Roblox. To know how to get free Robux and is it possible or not, read the blog carefully.

As we know Robux is an in-game currency of Roblox, Which we can get after purchasing it. Till now 40 Robux costs almost $0.50 which we can get after purchasing it only.

Similarly, Robux are paid we can’t get it for free. Is there is any way to get free robux? If yes how and if not why ?

About Roblox

Roblox is an online game developed by Roblox Corporation. where we can create and interact with what developers describe as the 3D world. It allows users to create games and play games created by other users. Players are allowed to create an avatar for themselves and allotted a small amount of digital money to rent a house.

Can i get free Robux ?

offcorse, You can get robux for free if you particiapate in giveaways of some big website or YouTube channel.

If you think about getting Robux by using any tool or hacking ‘LoL’, it is impossible. All site who claims they are providing Robux for free they are scam. Some websites also ask for your personal information.

If you provide them all the personal information your privacy will be at risk, be careful about it. So, Don’t believe in This type of site that claims that they can provide free Robux.

If you want to try those site you can try those site but don’t provide any personal information like Roblox ID, Password, Email address, Phone number, home address, any ID Card, etc

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get free Robux

Issues you may face if you provide personla information

  • Risk of selling your personal information to the hacker,
  • Roblox game account may be hacked,
  • get spammy mails,
  • May someone tries to blackmail, Bulley, etc,
  • may some hackers pish you,
  • misuse of personal information and many more.

Why i can’t get free Robux ?

Robux (R$) is the in-game currency of Roblox which can only available after purchasing it from the Robux purchase center. Those transactions are done under high security. User information is stored using encryption and decryption methods.

Robux is fully secured and if you want to get Robux you have to hack servers, games, etc which is not possible. If you do that your life may be damage. You may face problems with police cases and many more.

Not only that, For tinny things, you will definitely don’t waste your time and life by searching for these kinds of things which are not possible for normal people.

If you are still thinking about it stop it now and if you really need Robux then purchase it rather than searching for these kinds of useless things.

What’s you thaught about getting free robux ? comment below.

get free Robux


In the end, I just want to say that It is not possible to get free Robux as I mentioned above. Most of the people are scammed by telling that they can provide free Robux.

If you mistakenly provide your personal information on those sites be careful about messages that you get through SMS or email or any kinds of resources that you provide to those sites.

It’s my responsibility to aware people of fraud, Scams that are prevailing on the internet to make people aware of it. So, maintain internet distancing ( Jocking ) from those types of sites that can scam you or hack you.

Hope you found this blog useful. if you like this blog leave a nice comment below. also share this article wuth you friends so that they will also aware from this kinds of sites.


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