How to convert Preeti font to Unicode

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  • Post published:October 16, 2022
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Preeti is a traditional Nepali font widely used in Nepal in previous years. Now, Unicode is gaining popularity in Nepal. If you have any Preeti font then it is so hard to change it into Unicode manually so to solve that problem we should use Preeti to Uncide convertor.

There are tons of Converting tools available on the internet but some work well and some don’t work perfectly, so choosing the best tool to convert Preeti to Unicode is very difficult when you have many options. So, after researching I found a Preeti to Unicode converter which may be very useful in our daily life of converting

Preeti to Unicode converter

You can access this Preeti to Unicode converter from the following link or

How to use it?

To convert Preeti font to Unicode, Type Preeti font text in the left or top textbox which is under “Your Text to Convert:” after you typed or paste your Preeti font text the converted text will be on the Right/Bottom side of your screen under “Converted Text:” in a textbox. After getting the converted text, just click on the text box where the converted text is present and then press CTRL + A to select all text and CTRL+ C to copy and paste or use it anywhere you want.

Typeshala for Windows 10/11

Advantages of this converter

  • More user-friendly than other converters
  • Supports Heading, paragraph, bold, italic, underline, strike, bullets, super, sub, blockquote, undo and redo
  • Support copy-paste in Microsoft Word, Gmail, or any other text editor
  • Copy-pasting without changing its format like Bold, Italics, Bullet List, etc
  • Support of Reach Text Editor


If you choose this convertor you get extra features that other converters don’t provide as mentioned in the above Advantages. The features that this convertor provides are not available in many popular converters so you can give it a try and share about Preeti to Unicode converter with your friends too. Thank you