Earn money online in Nepal

As we know money is everything in this century, People want to earn money to fulfill their daily needs. Most people want to earn money from home (online).
Here, In today’s blog, I am going to tell the top 5 Online earnings methods to earn money online in Nepal. If we talk about other countries then Nepal has less number of the field where we can work online to earn online.

Earn money online in Nepal
How to Earn money online in Nepal

But I have many ideas to earn online some I am also doing some of the work online and am also going to share my experience.

What is online earning?

Online earning is the way to earn money by using resources available on the internet or by providing resources. In this type of earning you can earn money in different ways, which I will talk about.

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Top 5 Ways to earn money online in Nepal.

1. Bogging (best way to Earn money online in Nepal)

Many people have confused about blogging and vlogging but blogging is related to writing articles and publishing through a website. And vlogging is video content where you explain anything through video with your appearance.

By blogging many people are earning 10k to 100k+ monthly which is enough to fulfill their daily needs. Some of the common examples of Nepali bloggers are

  • GadgetByteNepal,
  • NepaliBloggers,
  • Saroj Baniya, etc.

So, To write a blog you just need knowledge about something that you are interested in and people/readers are also interested so.

The main reason behind listing Blogging in the first position is that it is easy to do, Easy to get the approval of Adsense or other ad Networks after fulfilling some terms and conditions and it is not as hard as to get AdSense approval on youtube.

Some of the most common sites which provide blogging tools to make easy to write blogs are Blogger, WordPress, etc

In my experience, it is easy to do but sometimes you have to learn about some skills like Search Engine Optimization, Keyword research, etc. If you do hard work then you will definitely get success within 6 Months. So, I am considering it best way to earn money online in Nepal

2. YouTube (best way to Earn money online in Nepal)

Many people are earning money through youtube in Nepal. some common examples of YouTubers who are earning 100k+ monthly are 4k Gaming Nepal, 2B Gamer, MRB Vlogs, SMZ, etc.


In Nepal, everyone is uploading videos without knowing in which content people are interested. Before uploading anything, first think that ‘Will people search for that’. If you think people may search then upload.

In my experience, I am not too good at youtube but am near 1k subscribe but getting 4000+ Watch time so I am just following Jon Cena means “Never give up ” LoL.

3. Freelancing

Freelancing is the way to earn money by doing someone’s work for some money. You can also call it a part-time job that you can do from your home. for eg making a website, Translating paragraphs from one language to another, and many more.

I am also doing freelancing but not earning from it because I don’t get any work 😂😂.
Some of the most common freelancing sites are Fiverr, Upwork, etc.


If you want to do freelancing, first watch any video on youtube that gives some knowledge about how to freelancing. Then you can start freelancing using Fiveer, Upwork, etc.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is also a good way to earn money where you earn money by referring other products and if that product is brought by a referred person then you will get a commission.

In Nepal, There are very less people who are doing affiliate marketing. Online shopping sites like Daraz, Amazon, etc. Are providing affiliate links to people who want to do affiliate marketing so you can also try this.

To do affiliate marketing you just need numbers of people(Audience) who are interested to buy anything and in your contact. If you have more people there is more earning.

5. Stocks Trading

Trading stocks is not a game of children. You need very high stranded knowledge about how trading works and how to lossless trading.

Buying IPOs is very common these days and everyone is buying and selling IPOs. So, It is very common, we are not talking about it.

stock trading

If you buy FPO (Secondary share) There is a risk so to do risk-free trading you should have knowledge of trading and investment.

It is very risky to do so if you don’t have much knowledge about share trading then stay away from it.

6. Selling Photos (Bonus way to earn money online in Nepal)

I know you are thinking about “How we can earn money by selling photos”. Yes, it is possible if you have the interest and capability to capture good-quality photos.

Many people are earning more than 100$+ Months by just selling photos on the internet. Every photo you capture is sellable on the internet so you can try if you get success then it is good for you.

sell photo

Some of the platforms where you can sell photos are Shutterstock, Istockphoto, and many more. Hope you will try those platform.


Other bloggers are mentioning cryptocurrency trading, Building websites, Building Apps, etc. to do those kinds of things you need to learn those skills for more than 1 to 6 months which is not a frequent way to earn money so don’t mention them in my list.

Even if you do cryptocurrency trading in Nepal, it is totally illegal to do you may have to pay 10K to 100K RS fine and maybe jail also so be careful. Just to increase the number of a list I don’t do that kind of thing that harms people.

Hope you like this s blog if you like then share with your friends and relative. If you do hard work in any one of the fields mentioned above you will definitely get success within 1 to 6 months.

Thank You

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