Typeshala for Windows 10/11

Typeshala is one of the most popular typing tutors in Nepal developed by ( Softkey). We are also not able to run typeshala on Windows 10/11. So I bring a tutorial which is Typeshala for Windows 10/11.

And in today’s generation, everyone wants to learn how to type faster and how to learn typing.

To learn to type or anything people have to buy on a computer or laptop. Which comes with Windows 10/11 64-bit in default. To run typeshala you need at least Windows 7. So, it is better to use an alternative method rather than changing windows.

Similarly, I make typeshala work with Windows 10/11 using some tools. It is a 16-bit application that runs in 32-bit Windows but not in 64-bit latest Windows like Windows 10/11.

To run Nepali typeshala you need many things like a virtual box, windows 7, etc. Which don’t provide a good experience to the user


Many people scam you by saying typeshala for Windows 10/11 but it doesn’t work in every Windows above 8.

Typeshala is a 16-bit application so it only works in Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10/11 32-bits only not in 64-bit.

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To make typeshala work in Windows 10/11 you find many blogs which are fake and some provide online typeshala which is not enough for those who don’t have internet. To solve that problem follow every step carefully.

You can also watch this video:

Typeshala for Windows 10/11’s requirements

  • CPU: Intel Core i5 above 6th gen,i3 above 9th gen, Ryzen 3 2nd or 3rd above processors,
  • GPU: Any integrated GPU,
  • RAM: at least 4GB,
  • Available Space: 10 MB,
  • If you have less spec then mention above typeshala will work but it will be lagged.

The alternative of typeshala.

There are only a few alternatives to typeshala among them typeshala online is also one of them because you can type English, Nepali both as same as old typeshala One of the most popular typeshala alternatives is typeshala online by typeshala.smilepant.com

Steps to Install typeshala for Windows 10/11

1 :- Download the Typeshala.zip file by clicking HERE,
2 :- Extract it using WinRAR or any other apps,
3 :- Open the folder that you extracted in step 2,

4 :- Find otvdmw File and right click on it

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 6cac2e26-f49c-4f31-853b-7884b48838ea

5 :- Click on open

6 :- Go to to the folder of typeshala and click on TYPESHALA

7 :- Click on Open

8 :- After clicking on open typeshala will open and you can now practise typing

Now you sucessfully opened typeshala. You can now practice typeshala.


This typeshala is very resource-hungry because it is running in the 16-bit emulator which provides too much stress to Cpu so I recommend processor and ram at first hope you like it and it works on your computer. if you have any problem then you can freely contact me on Facebook.

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