How to renew Demat account

In Nepal, the share market craze is growing day by day and everyone wants to make their up to date so it will not create a huge problem in the future.

One of the main things that users should renew firstly is the Demat account. And in this tutorial, I will show how to renew the Demat account.


Introduction to Demat account

A Demat account is an account that is used to use to store shares in digital or electronic format. One Demat account is linked with one person or citizen. it is unique person by person.

Noone can create multiple Demat accounts with the same name, same bank account, same citizenship, etc. If anyone is found creating multiple accounts he/she will be punishable by law.

But you can create a Demat account with the name of your family member.

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Why to renew Demat account ?

Demat is the main thing that we needed to buy share or store share. So taking care of this type of thing is good practice. Without a Demat account, you won’t able to use the meroshare also.

If you don’t renew your Demat account it will be suspended temporarily. To reactivate it you have to renew it by paying 100NRs/- in Nepal. Hope you understand why we should renew the Demat account.

Then How can I renew my Demat account ??? It is very simple just follow the following steps.

How to renew demet account

Renewing a Demat account is very simple and easy even small kids can also do this. To renew the Demat account you should have an E-Wallet like eSewa, Khalti, IME-Pay, etc., and at list 105 NRs/- in wallet 5Nrs/- should be extra if tax is deducting.

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In this tutorial, I am using eSewa and if you want to use any other wallet the process is the same to follow.

First, go to the meroshare website and log in with your details.

Then click on the avatar symbol on the top right side.

Click on Renew Account as shown in the picture.

Choose the Payment Method that you like here I am going to choose eSewa.

Choose which account that you want to renew here I am only selecting DEMAT you can also choose Meroshare & DEMAT.

Enter the login detail of your eSewa account here you can also use your transaction PIN as your password and Phone number as ID.

After clicking Login you will get a message from eSewa with verification Token read that message and enter your token and click on continue payment.

Here is the Final step, Enter your Detailed which are asked by eSewa, and click on continue payment. Congrulation Your DEMAT / Meroshare account has been renewed now.


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